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Aesthetic Appeal

A timber frame home offers unlimited scope in design, whether it is to create fine and intricate details, or impressive beams supported on large posts and exposed structures. A wide variety of finishes are available for both internal and external walls. External walls are usually clad with fibre cement planks and finished off with aluminium edging.


The Cape Island Construction timber frame standard walls, filled with 50mm isotherm insulation fibre, has three times better insulation properties when compared to a standard brick cavity wall. Insulation alone does not, however, ensure a comfortable home; design also plays a large role. A well designed home needs to be able to retain daytime heat into the cool evenings and stay cool inside on hot days. This is achieved by combining elements of high mass, such as concrete floors and large brickwork fireplaces, which store heat, with the lightweight timber frame wall structure which insulates, resulting in a home which is comfortable all year round.

Floor Area

When comparing the size of a timber home to a brick home, keep in mind that the actual internal floor area in a timber home is substantially larger for the same size of house due to the walls being narrower. An external timber wall is 150mm thick compared to a brick wall of 280mm- that results in over one square meter of extra floor area per 8 running meters of external wall. This can be of particular significance on small sites or where the maximum footprint area is limited.

Speed of Construction

The structure of a timber frame home goes up in a fraction of the time of a conventional brick and mortar home. The bulk of the building time is spent on the top quality finishes and the total construction period is substantially less than that of building a brick and mortar home. For the client there are the obvious financial advantages of being able to move into your home sooner.

Environmental Issues

The savings in energy consumption due to better insulation contribute directly to reducing global energy consumption and therefore global warming. The bulk of the material used for the structure is S.A Pine, which is a truly renewable resource. South Africa's pine plantations are well managed and you can be sure that for every tree felled for timber for your home another is planted.

Protection from the Elements

The Cape Island Construction home is highly resilient to rising damp, air infiltration or water penetration. The timber frame walls are covered externally with a ply sheathing, which adds structural stability and also seals the whole building from air intrusion or draughts. This is covered with a waterproof membrane, which excludes water infiltration. The windows and doors fit into the Cape Island Construction's Aluminium Subframes (patent pending) which are built into the walls to provide a 100% waterproof and airtight seal. The external wall cladding is fitted over the waterproof membrane and fits over fins on the Aluminium Subframes and the corner trim.

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